Prevention through professional dental cleaning

Even those who pay close attention to the adequate care of their natural dentition will not always be able to reach all the spaces and areas of their oral cavity optimally. The result is the permanent settling of bacteria in the mouth, which can lead to numerous dental diseases such as caries, periodontitis or inflammation of the gums.

Professional dental cleaning, which should ideally be carried out by the dentist every six to twelve months, not only ensures that the teeth are cleaned mechanically by hand, but also ensures optimum hygiene in the oral cavity so that the natural tooth material is preserved for as long as possible.

A professional tooth cleaning with Airflow

Especially popular for the intensive cleaning of the natural dentition is the so-called Airflow variant, which we can also offer you. Here, teeth are cleaned using a fine powder jet of water and salt, which not only cleans the teeth, but also removes discolouration on their surface. Discoloration occurs mainly in connection with the consumption of food such as red wine and coffee or smoking. They can be removed, as can age-related stains.