On-Chair Röntgen

Digital X-ray in the chair
In each treatment room there is an “on chair” X-ray unit. With minimal radiation exposure, your Dentaprime dentist can produce an X-ray image directly at the chair.

The image appears digitally on the screen. This means that films are no longer developed as they used to be. With your digital patient file you will receive your X-ray images on DVD.

Bredent Helbo

Helbo Lasertherapy
Successfully fight inflammation-causing bacteria with gentle laser light and thus ensure the success of periodontal, peri-implant or root canal treatment.



Our Navigator EPED Iris 100 Pro is an optical tracking system that scans both the patient’s jaw and the implantologist’s tool in real time.

In addition, the planned implant position is displayed on the large screen so that the implantologist is guided through the procedure. At all times he can see exactly where the drill is located, at what angle it is facing the jaw and how the implant would sit in the jaw if he were to insert it now.

In principle, the Iris 100 Pro is thus similar to a navigation system for vehicles – it recognizes the user’s current position and shows the exact route to the destination. For the patient, this means even more precision and safety.


priti mirror Facescanner
The device scans the patient’s facial structure, facial skin and facial expressions and creates three-dimensional photorealistic images from the recorded data. Using this data, a trained expert can virtually adapt the colour and shape of the prosthesis to the patient’s individual circumstances and create an image showing the front of the tooth and the face after treatment. This makes it easier for you as a patient to imagine the result and to understand what your doctor wants to show you.

Cinemizer Glasses im Einsatz

Cinemizer Glasses

With high-tech against fear – in addition to the use of twilight sleep anaesthesia, Dentaprime also offers the Cinemizer Glasses from Zeiss for the duration of treatment. They are a good alternative, especially for patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety.

With the high-tech glasses, the patient can watch a film during treatment to distract him or her. Ambient noises are faded out by the use of the corresponding headphones, the visual experience should relax the patient.

The cinemizer is manufactured in OLED technology, which is also used in thin-film technology. It has even been discussed for the production of “electronic paper”.

Digitale Volumentomographie

Digitale Volumentomography
In contrast to the usual x-ray image, volume tomography enables further diagnostics, especially in implantology. With the help of the 3-dimensional image of your teeth and jaw relationships, the optimal fit of the implant can be determined even before implantation.

3D Print

In the Dentaprime dental clinic we work with the most modern 3D printing. This has these advantages for you:

  • optimally fitting dentures, which are precisely adapted to the jaw
  • Time advantage (3D printing is less time consuming than the traditional manufacturing process)
  • Efficiency

At the Dentaprime dental clinic, we pass on the advantages of the 3D printer directly to our patients: No higher costs due to its use, shorter times in the production of the dental prosthesis without having to sacrifice quality and a precision that guarantees the optimal fit of the replacement.


An innovative highlight of the Denaprime dental clinic enables your Dentaprime dentist to detect hidden caries safely, quickly and easily: the Diagno-Dent Pen. This instrument uses the different fluorescence of healthy and diseased tooth substance. In this way your Dentaprime dentist can detect the very finest lesions. More reliable than any other method. And the healthy tooth substance remains untouched: no probe, no scratching, no damage.

Zebris Medical

Digital jaw registration
With the help of an apparatus, the position of the two jaws in relation to each other is measured and an analysis of the joints is carried out.
The jaw registration system from zebris, which is used in the Dentaprime dental clinic, sends the determined data to a computer program. In this way the exact positioning of the jaws is recorded and can be transferred to an articulator.