Sleep anesthesia for anxiety patients


The Dentaprime dental clinic is visited by an above-average number of anxiety patients. If the proportion is usually around 10%, the figure for us is around 20%. One of the reasons for this is the extensive need for rehabilitation, as the dentures of anxious patients are often very badly damaged. The Dentaprime dental clinic can offer very high cost savings in these cases.

Accordingly, we have adapted to the special needs of anxiety patients. If you suffer from dental fear, you are in good hands with us. Because the Dentaprime dental clinic offers you:

  • Treatment under sleep anesthesia
  • Special psychosomatic competence
  • Empathy and patience
  • Many years of experience in dealing with anxiety patients

As an anxiety patient you can trust us to ensure that you do not feel any pain. If you do feel unwell, you can interrupt the treatment immediately with a show of hands. With us, you need not be afraid of sentences such as “it will be over in a moment” or “you shouldn’t actually feel anything”.

Each of our dentists will explain to you what they will do before and during the treatment. He will show you the instrument and with the help of the intraoral camera the tooth to be treated on the multimedia screen. In this way you understand the treatment and can follow it. This contributes immensely to your relaxation. Because as an anxious patient you have a very strong need for information, which the Dentaprime dentists love to satisfy.