Dental Implantation


Benefit from the advantages of a Dentaprime dental implantation:

  • Experience and competence:
    Our specialists have placed thousands of implants since the opening in 2006. You too can benefit from our experience and competence.

    • Precision and safety:
      With the help of 3D volume tomography and computer-assisted implant planning, the Dentaprime dental clinic is able to accurately simulate your implant placement. And this with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimetre. This ensures safe and successful implant placement even when bone supply is scarce.

      • Implantation even with small jaw bone:
        The oral surgeons at the Dentaprime dental clinic have an enormous wealth of experience – especially in the reconstruction of jaw bone. Even if the jawbone anatomy is very unfavourable, they can provide dental implants with the help of sinus lift, bone block transplantation and other methods of bone augmentation.

        • Healing and durability of your dental implants:
          Due to our rather conservative approach we have a very high success rate in terms of healing success. Since the opening of the Dentaprime dental clinic, we have had a 99.2% rate of non-risk patients. Once the dental implants have grown together with the jawbone, the wearing period can last a lifetime.

          • Immediately firm teeth:
            The team at the Dentaprime Dental Clinic specializes in implant restorations with fixed (screw-retained on implants) bridges. This so-called SKY fast & fixed procedure enables fixed, implant-supported prosthetics instead of removable restorations.

            • Implantation under anaesthesia:
              If desired, we can carry out the treatment under the gentle twilight sleep anaesthesia.

              • Your health insurance or insurance company:
                You will receive an offer and an invoice from us according to the German accounting system. This way you can easily apply for subsidies and reimbursements.

                • All-round service before and after treatment:
                  We make it very easy for you: We coordinate the treatment with your health insurance and your family dentist, arrange your aftercare appointments with a Dentaprime partner dentist and take care of your travel planning. You will receive a DVD with the images of your computer tomography and the x-rays. Together with the doctor’s letter and the implant passport, you will have all the documents relating to your restoration.

                  • Considerable cost saving:
                    You save up to 60% compared to treatment in Western Europe.