The Dentaprime dental clinic is equipped with the latest high-tech: With the help of so-called CAD/CAM technology, experienced dental technicians manufacture your all-ceramic dental prosthesis – with the highest precision for an aesthetically and functionally perfect result.

Here is how it works: Your Dentaprime dentist takes an impression of the tooth situation in case of bridges or dentures. This impression is scanned into a three-dimensional computer model. In the computer, the dental technician forms the model of the denture. He does this in such a way that it fits perfectly and fits into the dentition perfectly.


At the Dentaprime dental clinic, each prosthesis is individually manufactured in the in-house dental laboratory and specially adapted to the patient’s needs. Shape, colour and ideal fit are only three of the many criteria. The automated CAD/CAM technology combined with the meticulous manual work of the dental technicians guarantee optimum results.

New teeth modelled on nature: All-ceramic dentures

All-ceramic dentures allow light to shine through easily (translucency). It is extremely hard and resistant to bending as well as biocompatible and does not cause allergies.

Note: In contrast to the representation in the video, the Dentaprime dental clinic works with digital impressions (without impression material and spoon), which is why the restoration can also be carried out during a stay of one week.

In the Dentaprime dental clinic’s own dental laboratory, inlays, veneers, crowns and bridges are made of zirconium oxide, e.max Press / e.max CAD or Empress. They are made of 100% ceramic and contain no metal.

In the Dentaprime dental clinic, only zirconium blanks from renowned European manufacturers are processed.

Implant-supported prosthetics

A healthy smile is enchanting: Both aesthetically and functionally, implant-supported prosthetics offer a biocompatible, high-quality restoration that is in no way inferior to your own teeth in terms of load-bearing capacity – for comfortable eating without restrictions. Modern implant-supported prosthetics have long since ceased to hide behind the natural ideal.

Zahn Implantat

Dental implants are artificial roots that are inserted into the jawbone. These screw-shaped bodies made of titanium – a biocompatible metal – are easily accepted by the tissue. The same applies to implants made of stable zirconium dioxide ceramic, which can easily withstand chewing loads. In the lower jaw, the implant needs a healing time of between six and twelve weeks to bond with the bone. If bone tissue is missing, it can be augmented artificially or by bone transplantation.

What Dentaprime can do for you

Implant-supported prosthetics is one of our main focuses. Experienced implantologists and dentists are available for you at the Dentaprime dental clinic, supported by the clinic’s own master laboratory under the direction of master dental technician Peter Meier. Modern systems from leading manufacturers enable detailed planning. CT data serve as the basis for assessing the jaw situation – for virtual implant placement. An individual surgical template is then produced, which helps to ensure the best possible, safe placement of the implants.


Ceramic inlays and onlays are ceramic inlay fillings. They are particularly suitable for the treatment of small and medium-sized defects where there is still sufficient healthy enamel. Modern ceramic inlays and onlays made of zirconium, such as those used in the Dentaprime dental clinic, not only meet the highest standards of bite resistance and durability, but also of aesthetics and compatibility.