Dental aesthetics


Do you also dream of even, beautiful teeth? At the Dentaprime dental clinic your dream can become reality. You visit us for a week’s holiday and the Dentaprime specialists for dental aesthetics help you to achieve a perfect Hollywood smile…

At the Dentaprime dental clinic, we combine optimal conditions under one roof. The dentist works directly with the dental technician, the dental technician uses the latest technology and precise manual work. In the Dentaprime dental clinic, digital impressions are also part of the clinic’s daily routine.

Our dental technicians design your dental prosthesis with the very finest materials and adapt it both in shape and colour so that in the ideal case it cannot be distinguished from the natural model.

The way to your perfect smile

A special treatment within the scope of dental aesthetics is the treatment of your teeth with wafer-thin ceramic plates. In technical jargon, they are called veneers and are applied as a veneer to the natural teeth. In Hollywood they are the hit, hardly any of the famous actors do without their veneers. They are the secret behind the bright, white smile of Hollywood.

In these cases veneers can be a reasonable alternative for you:

  • if the teeth are strongly discoloured and the discolouration cannot be removed even by bleaching.
  • in cases of slight deformities and erosions.
  • if you are dissatisfied with the brightness that can be achieved by bleaching and want even whiter teeth.

Before / after pictures of the veneer treatment of a Dentaprime patient

For those who do not want to resort to veneers right away in order to get brighter teeth, we recommend an in-office bleaching. You place yourself in the hands of your dentist and he bleaches your teeth with the help of a special agent while you are sitting in the treatment chair. The result will convince you and can never be compared with whitening toothpastes or home bleaching sets offered in the drugstore.

Visit Dentaprime for your dental treatment

We recommend a one to two week stay at the Dentaprime dental clinic. Combine your holiday with your dental treatment. In this way, the specialists can work with you to prepare and submit a binding offer based on your individual findings and your own ideas and wishes. If you wish, the treatment can be started directly during this first visit or can be carried out completely. Under certain circumstances and depending on the type of treatment, an additional trip may be necessary for a further treatment step.

If you would like a non-binding assessment in advance, please send us a photo showing you smiling and a panoramic X-ray (OPG) if available. Please tell us what bothers you about your teeth and what your expectations are.