Treatment of inflamed gums

Not caries at all, but gingivitis is the most common cause of tooth loss. Untreated, plaque bacteria and the immune reactions of the body triggered by them attack the truncated bone and the retaining fibres of the teeth. The teeth no longer sit firmly and eventually fall out.

Gingivitis is the inflammation of the soft gums directly surrounding the teeth, caused by bacterial plaque. The gums are reddened and swollen, a direct reaction of the immune system to the problem germs. It bleeds easily when touched. If left untreated, the gingivitis can progress to periodontitis.

1st phase of periodontitis treatment at the partner dentist

After the diagnosis, the Dentaprime partner dentist in Germany first carries out a professional tooth cleaning. During this process, all hard and soft plaque is removed using ultrasound and other techniques. The patient is also trained in how to use a toothbrush, dental floss or interdental brush correctly in order to achieve optimum dental hygiene.

The dentist then cleans and disinfects the gum pockets in which the bacteria have settled. For this purpose, the dentist carries out a so-called curettage, during which the pockets are cleared out with special instruments. The bones can regenerate after this treatment.

2nd phase of periodontitis treatment in the Dentaprime dental clinic

In cases of severe periodontosis, i.e. extensive bone loss and unaesthetic, free-standing necks of teeth, the patient visits the Dentaprime dental clinic for the second phase of treatment. There the Dentaprime dentist fills the affected regions with bone replacement material and covers the bone pocket with a self-dissolving membrane. Exposed tooth necks are covered again by a cosmetic-operative reconstruction of the gums. The aim is to restore the retaining apparatus of the tooth and the gums functionally and aesthetically.

In addition, your Dentaprime periodontist works with soft tissue laser, drug therapy and strong mouth rinses.

How much can you save thanks to Dentaprime?

Bone reconstruction and restoration of the gums can cost several thousand euros in Germany, which are not reimbursed by statutory health insurance companies. It is therefore sensible to have this second phase of treatment carried out at the Dentaprime dental clinic.

In Germany, the Dentaprime partner dentist draws up the treatment and cost plan and carries out the first phase of treatment. The patient has the bone reconstruction and gum restoration done at the Dentaprime Dental Clinic in Bulgaria. For regular check-ups and tooth cleaning, the patient can again contact the Dentaprime partner dentist in Germany.