Lifelong Warranity


Lifelong Warranity

In the case of a complete dental renovation, we can offer you a lifetime guarantee. Not only on the material, but also on the dental and oral surgery performance of our specialists. You benefit from the good feeling that your investment in your dental health is protected. Should complications arise in the future – even decades from now – we will treat you at the Dentaprime dental clinic free of charge!

Forever carefree…

This lifetime guarantee means that we will be there for you as your dentists and you will never have to worry about high dental bills again. Once you come to us, you will receive complete dental treatment with Swiss implants and bio full ceramic – and you can rely on it for the rest of your life.

This makes Dentaprime unique in the world and means complete financial security for your dental health. You only pay a small monthly communication fee of 6,90 Euro. You can safely cancel your private dental insurance.

Five-year guarantee even with partial supply

Even if you do not wish to receive full dental care, you benefit from a five-year guarantee on all-ceramic implants and dental prostheses or two years for metal-ceramic dental prostheses.

Whatever you decide: You can be confident that you will receive optimal dental care in what is probably the best and most modern dental clinic in the world!

Guarantee conditions